Eat of the Week: Revolver Taco Lounge

[Updated 7/28/17: Revolver Taco Lounge is now closed in Fort Worth, but Dallas location is open.]

In my mind, there is no clearer sign of love than Valentine’s Day falling on Taco Tuesday. Or in this case, “pinche” Taco Tuesday as Revolver Taco Lounge not-so-lovingly refers to it.

I arrived to my romantic dinner with girlfriends in my workout clothes…after being late to my workout, but of course, on time for tacos. We started with the Ceviche Yucateco – a generous portion of red snapper, tomatoes, and juicy chunks of orange in a refreshing marinade of citrus juices and spices.

We continued our celebration of love with a bubbling pan of cheese. Revolver’s Queso Fundido is full of poblano peppers, shrimp and longaniza (a spicy sausage similar to chorizo) which are all scooped onto freshly made tortillas and topped with hot sauce.


I ordered two of my absolute favorites, the camarón and pulpo tacos. The shrimp is covered with a rich and creamy garlic butter along with red cabbage and topped off with a pickled beet. The octopus is finished with a jalapeño salsa and crispy charred leeks. The first time I tried these tacos I had to know how the perfect texture was obtained. Owner, Regino Rojas, gave this reply — “You know why Swedish people look so good? They go from hot to cold to hot to cold all day.” Apparently, the same works for preparing perfectly tender chunks of octopus. Who knew?


I have to admit that I returned two more times this same week…don’t judge. On one visit, I chose to soothe a sore throat with “El Funeral de los Narcos.” The drink base is cafe de olla, which is a coffee made with cinnamon and piloncillo (those brown cones of cane sugar that you see in the Mexican grocery stores). It gets mixed with Irish whiskey and Bailey’s to make the perfect remedy to my ailment…or at least I didn’t care about my sore throat when I was finished. Either way, it worked.