Eat of the Week: Righteous Foods

Did I get your attention with the churros? Shame on you, this is a healthy joint!

Well, all things in moderation right? Righteous Foods focuses on organic, unprocessed ingredients to deliver healthful food that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing flavor in the name of clean eating.

When Lanny Lancarte reinvented his space on 7th and Boland nearly three years ago, I’m thankful that he kept this drool-worthy dessert from his Lanny’s Alta Cocina menu. The fried dough has a crisp cinnamon sugar coating on the outside and a doughy inside perfect for sopping up warm chocolate sauce. One order shared among three of us was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without keeping me up at night with a sugar rush.

Now that I have you craving churros, our actual dinner should not go without mention. The grilled shrimp tacos come three to an order and are packed with flavor from mojo de ajo (garlic sauce) and tangy pickled cabbage and carrot. Other orders at the table included the curried rice noodles with tofu and little gem lettuce wraps with meatballs and pesto.

I think it’s a solid strategy – lure you in with churros and keep you coming back for the righteously good food.


Righteous Foods
3405 W 7th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107