Eat of the Week: SAAP Lao Kitchen

Before I get you all excited about the delicious things of which I am about to speak, know that these foods are currently only available at pop-up locations across DFW. There is no restaurant and no store front, but hey, that’s part of the fun. Follow SAAP Lao Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram and don’t hesitate when you see an opportunity to check them out! Now, onto the good stuff….

SAAP Lao Kitchen is on a mission to share Laotian food and culture while making a bunch of people happy in the process. After months of being too late to RSVP for dinners that sell out or, quite honestly, just not wanting to drive to Dallas for a pop-up, I FINALLY got to try SAAP at Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth this past Saturday and it was worth the wait! It was a smart pairing for CBPs launch of their Pineapple Thai Basil Petite Golden Sour.  FullSizeRender-10

SAAP was serving up one of their most popular dishes, Nam Khao, a crispy coconut rice salad tossed in cured pork meat, green onions, cilantro and roasted peanuts. This dish had it all in flavor and texture – crunchy, chewy, sweet, tangy, toasty, and just snap open the chilies sitting on top to add a little spicy heat. They also offered a tofu version that my vegetarian companion from Dallas said was worth the drive to Fort Worth.FullSizeRender-11

I always love a good snack food and this beef jerky did it for me. It almost needs its own category because it transcends all beef jerky I have ever tasted. It’s more like thin, snappy, chewy meat candy. I went with the classic and should have had the foresight to at least purchase a back-up bag of the “Just Right Spicy”. I’ll avoid the “Hella Hot” because the disclaimer is that it’s too hot even for Lao moms to handle; I grew up around enough Lao moms of my friends in Saginaw to know that that is just too hot for me.

If you’re ever at the Dallas Farmers Market you can catch them there many weekends selling jerky, or just patiently wait as I will be for the next Fort Worth pop-up. Occasionally, they sell the beef jerky via their online store so jump on it when they have some available before it sells out. You can send me a thank you note later, or even better, a big bag of meat candy.

Updated: SAAP Lao Kitchen just announced a pop-up at Panther Island Brewing on June 11th!